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PVC & TPE Patented Waterstops

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Wirestop Waterstop Wire Loops

At Wirestop Waterstops®, our revolutionary waterstops for joints include wire loops for easy fastening to rebar. They provide accurate location of the seal and prevent displacement during concrete placing operations.

Wirestop Waterstop Application on Job Site

Their effectiveness is the major selling point of our joint sealing system. From dams and hydro-electric plants to utility vaults, storage facilities, water and waste water treatment plants. Wirestop Waterstops have proven success.

Wirestop Waterstop Pre-Fabricated Junctions

Our in house custom blended vinyl composition without the use of chemical extenders exceeds the requirements set by professionals such as the Corps of Engineers. They're even shipped in a manner to prevent contamination.



Prevent leakage in concrete structures with PVC and TPE
Wirestop Waterstops.
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Wirestop has a proven track record in sealing cast-in-place concrete jointing systems. Founded in 1982, Wirestop Waterstops is a high-performance patented product that represents an improvement on waterstop technology. It meets the engineer's requirements for an effective primary joint sealing system.

Representative Mike Booth has a concrete construction background and he has represented many firms in the industry over the years. Many of those firms manufacture concrete waterstops and specialty products. He works to bring customers the best TPE & PVC waterstops available in the marketplace today. To complement our sales services, we offer job-site, specifications, and technical assistance from Paul Murphy Plastics CO.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to supply the best environmentally friendly waterstop that is both easy to install and effective.

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